PERK Online | 大阪 昭和町のink, moiによるコンセプトストア

お客様とゆっくり向き合う為に 探した物件


PERK is not just a retail store to shop calmly,
but the place for you to stay comfortably.

The park in front of PERK shows transition from one season to the next.

When you turn your eyes from the park to the store,
you may realize the season's change of items.

ink, MOI 両ブランドの商品が並び
men's, women'sそれぞれの視点でセレクトし、提案するコンセプトショップ


"Concept Shop," PERK

The store is created by the designers of "ink, and "moi."
Their "Roots of Design" is both based on vintage clothing.

We would love to show and suggest the good old days
through selected vintage clothing and original items
created by "ink" and "moi."